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Risshakuji Temple

Japan Off the Beaten Path

Risshakuji Temple

There are many reasons why tourists are drawn to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Hokkaido. But Japan off the beaten path is something that should be on every traveler’s bucket list. Beyond the country’s famous attractions is a wealth of hidden treasures begging to be explored. So if you are thinking of getting off the beaten track for an unforgettable adventure in Japan, here are some of the many ways to do it.

1. Stay in a traditional guesthouse or ryokan. Or choose an accommodation that allows you to experience everyday life like a local – a room in a house in one of the city’s neighborhood or a furnished apartment where you can cook your own Japanese dishes using ingredients bought from supermarkets and shops locals frequent.

2. Enjoy a home-cooked Japanese meal at a local’s home. You can check out some of the immersive food experience and dine with locals apps available to discover a local host near you.

3. Rent a bicycle and explore the city or town on two wheels.

4. Discover the beaches and enjoy life in the slow lane in Okinawa.

5. Spend time discovering the many attractions of Kyushu and taste its famous drink – the shochu. Visit the onsen town of Beppu and escape the crowd by experiencing traditional Japanese bath at the remote Kurokawa Onsen.

6. Follow the path and climb the steps that will take you to Risshakuji Temple in Yamagata. You will be rewarded with spectacular views.

7. See the mesmerizing Akasoba-no-Sato and marvel at the red carpet of soba (buckwheat) flowers set against a backdrop of the beautiful landscape.